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The autography of former Premier League referee Mark Halsey, written in 2013. 

The official English FA guidebook with advice for new referees, written in 2013.

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A book focusing on how referees should train and how to achieve their maximum fitness potential, written in 2020. 


An analysis of how technology influences modern day refereeing, with a special focus on the English Premier League.

The official refereeing guide of the English FA, written in 2004. 

A collection of humorous stories from a local football referee, written in 2014. 

The memories of former Welsh FIFA referee Gerrard Lewis, written in 2007. 

This copy is signed by Gerrard Lewis himself. 


A chronicle of Bill Alderspn’s experiences as a referee covering 22 years, and short stories, some having been passed on to him by his father, written in 1994. 

Written by a retired college professor with 35 years of refereeing experience, this book is designed to help all those who are becoming involved in soccer in understanding the game better, honing their officiating skills. Written in 1997. 

A meticulous research into the role of the football referee and all its psychological aspects. No stone is left unturned in finally understanding what is really like to referee a football match. Written in 2019. 

The autobiography of Welsh ex-FIFA referee Clive Thomas. Written in 1984. 


Special edition of the “complete guide to soccer officiating” published in occasion of the 1978 World Cup. Written in 1978.  

The official FIFA book to celebrate 100 years from the birth of the International Football Association Board (IFAB). Written in 1986.  

A directory book with info and stats on referees who have taken charge of fixtures in England’s top leagues since 1988 until 2005. Written in 2006. 

A collection of jokes and funny stories on football refereeing. Written in 2012. 

The autobiography of ex-FIFA referee and ex-FIFA President Stanley Rous. The incredible life of a referee who went on to become the world’s most important football person. Written in 1978. 

A book where the authors share their insight into refereeing. Modern techniques of officiating are exposed through the eyes of these seasoned professionals. Written in 2001.  

The autobiography of former Premier League Ron Groves. Written in 2021. 

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A book commemorating the history of the Leamington and District Referees’ Association in England. Written in 2006.   


A light-hearted look into the career of a referee, primarily in local and non-league football. Written in 2009.

This copy is signed by the author.  

The autobiography of ex-FIFA referee Gordon Hill. Written in 1976. 

The official English FA guide to refereeing. Written in 1962.  

The official English FA guide to assistant refereeing. Written in 2003. 

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The official English FA guide to referee fitness. Written in 2003. 

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In this bok former FIFA referee Keith Hackett speaks about his incredible career and offers insight and advice for referees of all levels. Written in 1986. 

The official guide of the English FA on how to become a referee in England, written in 1949. 

A small booklet with tips for referees, things to do and not to do on a football field. Written in 1950 by Victor Rae, FA Cup final referee and preface by George Reader, 1950 World Cup Final referee. 


The autobiography of amateur referee Roy Entwistle, who ventures into analyzing and explaining the problems and challenges referees at non-league level face on a daily basis. Written in 1999. 

A collection of writings about refereeing by Emerson Mathurin, ex-FIFA referee, CONCACAF instructor and founding member of the Canadian Referees’ Association. Written in 1993. 

An in-depth analysis of all referees called up for the 1986 World Cup in Mexico. Written in 1986. 

An in-depth analysis of all referees called up for the 1990 World Cup in Italy. Written in 1990. 

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The autobiography of 1974 World Cup Final referee Jack Taylor, written in 1976. 

This copy is signed by Jack Taylor himself. 


A biography of Ralph Tarratt, the first Sussex referee to reach the pinnacle of football in England, the English First Division. Written in 2003. 

A small booklet with refereeing Q&A written with the contribution of A. J. Jewell, the referee of the FA Cup Final of 1938. 


A book focusing on the role of Assistant Referees and how they can help the referee perform better, written in 1995. 

The autobiography of former Football League referee Kevin Lynch, written in 2002. 

This copy is signed by Kevin Lynch himself. 


The autobiography of 2010 World Cup Final referee Howard Webb, written in 2017. 

In this book, author Stanley Lover brings his unique perspective to soccer issues past and present. Learn how historic events have shaped today’s game and how the role of officials has changed. He adds his own advice to upgrade your onfield performance. Written in 2003. 


A guidebook on refereeing, written by an instructor from the National Intercollegiate Soccer Officials Association (NISOA) in the USA. Written in 1981. 

In today’s world sports officials are under more scrutiny today than ever before. This book summarizes what took place at the 2008 Sports Officiating Summit in Cleveland. Leaders came together to examine the important issues influencing officials, and how they will affect officials in the future. Written in 2008. 

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The autobiography of ex-FIFA referee Pat Partridge. Written in 1979. 

The autobiography of former Premier League referee Alan Wilkie, written in 2002. 


Probably the first ever autobiography of an English referee, Jim Wiltshire, the referee of the 1947 FA Cup Final, written in 1948. 

In this book the author shares a number of tips and advice for officials on how to prevent possible difficulties while refereeing. Each of the laws of the game is carefully analysed and explained. Written in 2010. 


The autobiography of Toros Kibritjian, former FIFA referee from the United States of America. Written in 1986. 


Former FIFA referee David Elleray, now head of the IFAB, was England’s top referee in the 1990s. This is diary of season 1997-1998, as written by himself. Compiled in 1998. 

The first book by ex-FIFA referee Arthur Ellis, who talks about his career from the very beginning to the World Cup. Written in 1956. 


The autobiography of former FIFA referee Graham Poll, written in 2008. 

The referee. You can’t have a game without one. The most hated man (or woman) in football but you have to invite one to every game. Enjoy a laugh at the antics and wicked humour of Scottish referee Big Erchie, a powerhouse at five foot five, and a top grade referee who strikes fear into the hearts of managers and players alike as he stringently applies the laws of the game.  Written in 2013. 

A book full of tips for referees who want to improve their focus and game control. Written in 2001. 

A quiz book that tests one’s knowledge about the laws of the game. It contains 150 familiar yet puzzling play situation and asks: What would you do if you were in charge? Written in 1980. 

A book which is a comprehensive study of every aspects of refereeing. The author, with experience as a referee and instructor of international referees, explains analytically the match control factors which should be the concern of every football official. Written in 1986. 

First published in 1978, some of the information in this book is outdated but should still be an interesting read for today’s soccer referee. From the days when refs wore all black and the two-referee system was widely used. Nevertheless, this book contains some good tips for referees at any level of the game.  

In this book former FIFA referee Clive Thomas tells everything there is to know about refereeing, from timing, crowd control and treatment of offending players to ideas for future improvements in the game. Written in 1978. 

Few knew that ex-Labour MP and Minister of Sports Denis Howell was once a top-level referee. In this book he offers advice on various aspects of officiating, from how to properly apply the advantage rule to match control. Written in 1969. 

In this book 1974 World Cup Finaòl referee Jack Taylor draws on his unrivalled experience to describe the burdens and rewards in refereeing, and to offer advice on the interpretation of the laws and the making of difficult decisions. Written in 1978. 

A look at the technicalities and procedures involved in becoming a soccer referee at all levels, from local leagues to international, examining some of the problems that have arisen over the years. Written in 1995. 

In this book the author looks at the laws of the game. Off-side, free kicks, corners, goal kicks, penalties and much more, are all accurately explained and amusingly illustrated. Written in 1988. 

A guide to getting started as a grassroots referee. The author uses his seven years as a match official to provide guidance for new referees. Written in 2016. 


A book that discusses off-side and its importance in soccer. It uses a simple language and discuss technicalities in a way that is understandable to referees and non-referees alike. Written in 1997. 

Youth football referees are subject to massive amount of disrespect. Starting with the basic challenges every referee faces, the author gives an inside scoop, including graphic details, on some of the most unbelievable things that happened during his matches. Written in 2021. 

A book that provides an essential insider’s insight to the world of refereeing. Packed with anecdotes, advice and first-hand experiences of seasoned professionals, referees will understand about the right attitude to referee better and become a more satisfied referee, Written in 2005. 

An old book from the 1950s which discusses the fundamental principles of officiating sports and their application to 25 different sport disciplines, including football/soccer. Written in 1950. 

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A book by the English Referee Association focusing on the role of the referee assessor/observer, written in 1994. 

The autobiography of former FIFA referee Arthur Ellis, written in 1962. 

What was the history of the football referee? how was his role conceived at the beginning and how it evolved during the years. The author studies every conceivable angle and development of the figure, his changing role and the changing of rules since football began. Written in 1998. 

The autobiography of former FIFA referee Mervyn Griffiths, written in 1958. 

The autobiography of former FIFA referee, and current technical director of the IFAB David Elleray, written in 2005. 

A book that provides valuable insight to what is at stake, what is expected and what steps officials should take to improve sportsmanship. Written in 2005. 

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A quiz book designed to test to the full the knowledge of the laws of the game in theory and in practice. Written in 1976. 

A book by former FIFA referee Abraham Klein, with tips on how to become a better match official, written in 1995. 

This copy is signed by Abraham Klein himself. 

A book aimed at providing answers to many problems a referee may encounter on the pitch. It explains many of the “what’s, how’s, who’s and why’s” of life as a football official, as well as many of the things for a referee to avoid. Written in 2007. 

The autobiography of 2002 World Cup Final referee Pierluigi Collina, written in 2004. 

A manual intended as a source of guidance both for those wishing to become a qualified referee, and those who are already qualified. The author provides a full understanding of the laws of the game, with invaluable practical advice on how to referee a match in a fair and effective way. Written in 2000. 

It’s about communication. A referee could try really hard to memorise the laws, use fancy signals, win arguments and be perfect. Or he could learn what really matters to become a successful official. A book that explores proven communication skills and habits of great social refs. Written in 2019. 

A book where the author compiles tips, techniques and advice on how to referee a game better. He explains how to stay focused, in control and have more fun refereeing the game everybody loves. Written in 1996. 


In this book the author reveals the realities of officiating and the way it can affect a person, his family and the sport we all love. Low pay, harassment and abuse all contribute to referees giving up. And without officials, it’s just recess. Written in 2019. 

The autobiography of Euro 2016 Final referee Mark Clattenburg, from the very beginning to becoming the best referee in the world. Written in 2021. 

The autobography of one of the Premier League’s most high-profile referees, Jeff Winter. Written in 2006.  

In this book Norman Burtenshaw, one of England’s most famous referees in the 1960s and 1970s, talks about his career. A referee’s story. Written in 1973.  


In this book by ex-FIFA referee Keith Hackett, and illustrations by Paul Trevillion, the reader can brush up his knowledge and get inside the mind of a referee. Written in 2013. 

A collection of “You are the Ref” content, compiled by Stan Lover, written in 1977. 


A booklet by the publishers of the referee magazine, which provides advice, in the form of 19 different tips, for soccer officials to improve their game. Written in 1997. 

A book commemorating the 25th anniversary of UEFA, including the referees, written in 1979.  

Laws of the Game

The following are all different editions of the Referees’ Chart, the official refereeing guide to the Laws of the Game published yearly by the English FA. Other books, like the Laws of the Game themselves, may be included in this list.