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A book by former Ligue 1 referee Bruno Derrien who, starting from the news that no French referee was selected for Euro 2008, investigates on the problems and challenges in French refereeing. Written in 2009. 


Faced with all the attacks (players, managers, supporters, media and authorities) to which the men in black are subject to,  one question remains: the referee, as we know him, does he still have his place on the field?  Written in 2007. 

The autobiography of ex-FIFA referee Robert Wurtz. Written in 1990. 


A book that analyses in great detail the world of Belgian refereeing. How it works, who the referees are and much more. Written in 2004. 


The autobiography of ex-FIFA referee Tony Chapron. Written in 2020. 

The autobiography of  John Langenus, the referee of the Final of the very first World Cup (1930). Written in 1943. 


 A book written by an anonymous top class referee who denounces everything that is wrong in football and refereeing, written in 2019. 



A guidebook on refereeing written by two of France’s most famous referees at the time. It analyses each of the laws of the game in great detail. Written in 1971.¬†

One of the very first refereeing guides written by the “Union Royale Belge de FA”, the Belgian FA. 3rd edition. Written in 1931.¬†

A history book about Belgium’s most famous referees, from John Langenus to modern days. Written in 1974.¬†

The autobiography of ex-FIFA referee Joel Quinou. Written in 1996. 


The biography of Nicola Petignat, one of the first female top class football referees, written in 2006. 



The author is a history university professor who talks about the history of refereeing, from the very start until today. Written in 2021. 

Former international referee Bruno Derrien analyses the impact tv and video technology have had on refereeing, and the continued push for more technology to be introduced in football refereeing. Written in 2010. 

Laws of the Game

The following are all editions of “L’Arbitre”, the annual publication for referees of the French FA with the laws of the game and the practical guide to their application.¬†