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Refereeing in Brasil is no easy feat. The author discusses the many challenges referees in the country face from the very moment they take up the whistle. Written in 2017. 

One of the first editions of the practical guide to the laws of the game and refereeing in Portugal. Written by ex-FIFA referee Francisco Guerra in 1965. 

A technical guide on refereeing with an in-depth analysis of all changes to the laws of the game since the beginning until recently. Written in 2005. 

A book that discusses challenges and problems that referees face in Brasil. Written in 2008. 

The autobiography of ex-FIFA referee Dalmo Bozzano. Written in 2007. 

Arnaldo Cezar Coelho is arguably the most successful referee in Brasilian history. He was the referee of the 1982 World Cup Final, and also took part to the 1978 edition. In this autiobography he talks about his career and his refereeing philosophy. Written in 2002. 

A book discusses the problems of refereeing in Brasil and how, according to the author, they should be solved. Written in 2016. 

At the same time when Pel√® was Brasil’s footballing hero, Armando Marques was the country’s refereeing one. This book talks about this father-like figure for all brasilian referees. Written in 1969.¬†


The autobiography of ex brasilian elite referee Edilson Pereira de Carvalho. Written in 2006. 


A collection of essays and short stories on refereeing, written by many brasilian elite officials of the time. Written in 1968. 


Why are referees the only essential figure for football? The author brings us on a journey to discover refereeing from the inside. Written in 1982. 

The author discusses the basic principles of good refereeing. Offering advice from preparation, training to positioning on the pitch. Written in 1997. 


An in-depth analysis of referee in Brasil, starting from its history to a discussion about the best referees who ever officiated in the country. Written in 2018. 

This copy is signed by the author, Daniel Destro. 


The autobiography of ex-FIFA referee Carlos Simon, who took part to three editions of the World Cup. Written in 2004. 

This copy is signed by Carlos Simon himself. 


A guide on refereeing, with tips and practical advice on how to properly apply the laws of the game. Written in 1984. 

This copy is signed by the author. 

A guide on refereeing, with tips and practical advice on how to properly apply the laws of the game. Written in 1988. 

The referee is the most unknown figure on a football field, former top class female referee Andreia Alexandre talks about refereeing, focusing on the “human side” of things. Written in 2005.¬†

A book by former FIFA referee Pedro Henriques who discusses, in technical terms, how referees should train to take better decisions on the football pitch. Written in 2012. 


Renato Marsiglia was Brasil’s representative in the referee group selected for the 1994 World Cup in the United States. He tells us about his experience. Written in 1994.¬†

A book by former FIFA referee Vitor Melo Pereira, one of the most successful Portuguese referees in history, who talks about his experience at three different editions of the World Cup, two as a referee and one as instructor. Written in 2007. 


An old book about the laws of the game and refereeing in Brasil. Written in 1944. 

The author talks about his experience as a non-league amateur referee in Brasil. Written in 2018.