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A collection of refereing short stories as collected by Pavel Fernandez Garcia, admin of the famous Instagram page “Amigos del Arbitraje”. Written in 2021.¬†


One of the first Spanish refereeing guides. How to become a referee, how to train and much more. Written by referee and instructor Fermin Sanchez in 1936. 

This copy is signed by Fermin Sanchez himself. 


The Spanish version of the French refereeing guide written by Guy Caron. Printed in 1976. 

A practical guide for referees, with advice on how to achieve better results in training. Written in 1981. 

A book by former Mexican referee Joaquin Ramos Marcos. Written in 1996. 

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A technical guide on nutrition for football referees. Written in 2000. 

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The role of the referee in football isn’t an easy one. This book explores refereeing starting from a collection of real-life anecdotes. Written in 2011.¬†

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A collection of the best anecdotes and real-life stories about refereeing. Written in 2013. 


The official guide on referee training written by the Spanish FA. 

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A guidebook on fitness training for football referees. Written in 1992. 

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A book that tells the story of the adventures of a referee at non-league amateur level in Spain. Written in 2020. 

A university research on referee personality and character. Data collected in Colombia. Researched and written in 2018. 

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A book about the psychology of football referees and how to improve mental and physical training. Written in 2008. 



The autobiography of former La Liga assistant referee German Pose. 

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Laws of the Game

The following are all editions of the Laws of the Game in Spanish. 

The Laws of the Game as told by legendary ex referee Pedro Escartin, with illustrations. Written in 1941. 

Special edition of the Laws of the Game as written by ex-FIFA referee Diego De Leo, printed in occasion of the 1970 World Cup in Mexico. 

Signed by ex-FIFA referee Diego De Leo. 

German Pose