Frequently Asked Questions

On this page you can find answers to our “Frequently Asked Questions”. Please make sure you also read our “T&Cs” on this page. If you have any questions and/or doubts, do not hesitate to contact us. 


Typically, tournament regulations stipulate a minimum age requirement for referees to
ensure a certain level of maturity and responsibility on the field. For most tournaments,
referees must be at least 16 years old, while tournaments held outside Europe may have a
higher threshold of 18 years. In the case of minor referees, defined as those under 18,
they must either be accompanied by a responsible adult or present a comprehensive
waiver that absolves both Referee Abroad and the tournament organizers from
any liability. Under exceptional circumstances, referees under the age of 16 may be
considered, but in such instances, they are required to be accompanied by an adult
guardian to uphold a safe and secure environment during the tournament. These age
restrictions and accompanying measures aim to ensure the well-being and competence of
referees while fostering a positive and controlled atmosphere in the tournament setting.

Yes, participation in our tournaments requires individuals to be registered referees affiliated
with a football association recognized by FIFA or the National Olympic Committee. Being
registered with a reputable football association ensures that referees have undergone the
necessary training, certification, and adhere to the standards set by international governing

Yes, referees must obtain permission from their respective football associations to participate
in our tournaments. While individual clearances may not be individually checked during
registration, it is a mandatory requirement. We reserve the right to conduct checks if there
are suspicions or concerns, and we maintain the authority to suspend or exclude a referee
from the tournament if necessary.

Referees participating in our tournaments are not individually subjected to background checks,
but being sanctioned by their home federations, they are presumed to have undergone
such checks. We reserve the right to conduct checks if necessary. For tournaments held in
America, a background check is required as part of the necessary paperwork. In the event
of concerns about the behavior of a referee or staff member, participants can contact our
on-site staff. These staff members are trained in safeguarding to the highest standards,
ensuring a commitment to maintaining a secure and respectful environment throughout the

The tournament fee encompasses a comprehensive package to enhance the overall
experience for participating referees. It includes accommodation and meals throughout the tournament, exclusive Referee Abroad merchandise, local transportation, dedicated
referee training and development sessions, the availability of experienced coaches, and
on-site staff providing essential support to referees. It’s important to note that travel expenses are not included in the general fee, except for tournaments in the USA, where travel expenses are also incorporated into the package, offering referees a more inclusive and seamless participation experience.

For tournaments organized outside the USA, travel arrangements are the responsibility of individual referees. Referee Abroad will not coordinate travel, except for tournaments in the USA, where travel logistics are managed by our team. Referees for all other tournaments must book their own travel, keeping in mind the communicated arrival and departure dates provided by tournament staff. It’s crucial to note that any additional nights beyond the specified dates will not be covered by the tournament or Referee Abroad. Referees are required to share their travel details promptly by emailing travel@refereeabroad.com, ensuring that all necessary information reaches us no later than a month before the tournament to facilitate seamless coordination and planning.

Regrettably, no payment is provided for participating referees in our tournaments. We operate on a voluntary basis, emphasizing the commitment and passion that referees bring to contribute to the success of the tournament. While we strive to offer a rewarding and enriching experience, it’s important to note that financial compensation is not a component of our tournament structure. Participants are encouraged to join with a dedication to the
sport, fostering a sense of camaraderie and shared enthusiasm for the game.

The credit card guarantee for tournaments serves the purpose of ensuring that referees
express genuine dedication to participating and discourage indiscriminate applications for
multiple tournaments simultaneously. By implementing this guarantee, we aim to
encourage referees to apply only for the tournaments they are genuinely committed to
attending. This approach helps streamline the selection process, promoting a more
dedicated and reliable pool of referees for each tournament. It underscores the importance
of responsible application, aligning with our commitment to fostering a genuine and
enthusiastic community of referees who are fully invested in the tournaments they choose
to participate in.


If you are a qualified referee observer or assessor currently registered with your national or local FA, you’re welcome to apply for one of our events by contacting our observers coordinator at observers@refereeabroad.com – you will then receive more information about available opportunities. 

Observers will need to cover the cost of their travel to/from their home country. Some tournaments may offer a partial compensation towards travel costs however this is not guaranteed.

Please tell us promptly so a replacement can be found, and at least 60 days prior to the start of the tournament, exceptional circumstances excluded. Failure to do so without good reason will mean you are unlikely to be considered for future tournaments.