Referee Abroad is pleased to announce the renewal of the partnership with the Italian Referee Association (AIA) to launch the second edition of the Referee Erasmus Program in 2024.
Following a successful first edition where Italian referees participated in international tournaments in Spain and Portugal, 2024 will see greater involvement of Italian match officials in events across various countries.

Daniele Curcio, President of Referee Abroad, recently met in Rome with AIA management and both expressed their satisfaction with the renewed collaboration.

“We want to publicly express our gratitude to the President of the Association, Carlo Pacifici, for this valuable opportunity, along with all the members of the National Committee. Special thanks go to Antonio Zappi, who helped ensure the initiative came to fruition. The initiative brings together technical values, equality, respect, and sharing amongst different cultures: a unique experience to offer young referees. We are confident that, like last year, young Italians will be appreciated for their excellent technical qualities and group integration, characteristics that the Italian Referee School has always embodied.”

“This new initiative will provide 70 young Italian referees with a precious international experience, contributing to promoting a new era of globally competent officiating,” stated Curcio.

Italian referees will be invited by Referee Abroad to participate in seven different international tournaments in France, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, and the United States, sharing important and unforgettable moments with fellow referees from around the world.”