The recent IberCup Cascais tournament witnessed a display of exceptional officiating prowess as 77 referees took center stage amidst the action-packed matches involving over 300 teams.

IberCup Cascais is an elite tournament with the likes of Chelsea, Real Madrid and Juventus taking part and is held every Easter near Lisbon, before being followed up by IberCup Estoril in early July.

With meticulous scrutiny from 10 seasoned observers, the referees showcased professionalism throughout the tournament, earning accolades for their stellar performances.

From the early stages to the finals, the referees maintained a high standard of officiating, ensuring the smooth running of matches and upholding the spirit of fair play.

The rigorous analysis conducted by the observers underscored the referees’ commitment to excellence, with their performance garnering praise from participants, coaches, and organisers alike.

As the curtains drew to a close on the IberCup Cascais tournament, the referees emerged as unsung heroes, embodying the values of sportsmanship, integrity, and professionalism.

A big thank you to all our officials from 18 countries who made it happen!