Terms & Conditions

Referee Abroad

By applying to any of our tournaments as a referee, observer, staff member or academy candidate; you accept and agree to the following Terms and Conditions. Please note, you can withdraw your acceptance at anytime, but this will result in your application being cancelled. Thanks for your understanding.Ā 

1. Applications

Applicants can apply for a tournament on our list. Each applicant can apply for an unlimited number of tournaments, apart from those taking place during the same week. Some tournaments have restrictions based on level, experience and visa requirements. Applying does not guarantee acceptance into the tournament.

2. Confirmation

The applicant sends in their application by paying the tournament fee, as listed on each tournament page, by one of the payment methods accepted by Stripe, our payments partner.

3. Finalising Participation

Once payment is made, a temporary hold is placed on those funds, typically lasting seven (7) days. This hold on an eligible payment method is to reserve funds that are then captured later. In order to allow us to fully review your application and ensure your eligibility. Once confirmed, the hold will be lifted and funds transferred, meaning your participation is finalised. 

4. Accommodation

Accommodation options are offered to all accepted applicants by the tournament, Referee Abroad is not responsible for accommodation but will act as a liaison between the applicants and the tournament’s organisation to guarantee standards are guaranteed. Referee Abroad is not responsible for any problem concerning accommodation but will do its best to help applicants solve them, should they arise. For tournaments where accommodation is not free, Referee Abroad will guarantee hotels at subsidised rates, at the applicantā€™s expense. Prices will be communicated to the applicant upon final confirmation of their participation. The applicant should then immediately communicate any preferences in terms of accommodation. Should an applicant opt for one of the paid options, payment will have to be made at latest 2 months before the tournament start date, directly to Referee Abroad. Any payment not received by this date will result in the cancellation of the hotel booking and participation at the tournament. Preferences can be amended free of charge up until 2months before the tournament’s start. For any further information and conditions, please refer to the tournament organization and/or the establishment of choice. 

5. Conduct

All participants at any given tournament are bound to respect local laws and customs, behaving in a respectful manner towards fellow participants, staff, the organisation, the public  and locals in generale. Should a participant break any rule or law, or behave in a manner not considered respectful, appropriate penalties will be inflicted by the tournament’s organisational staff and Referee Abroad, the most serious being immediate exclusion from the tournament and any future Referee Abroad event. Any participant who conducts themselves in a way which is perceived as discriminatory orbreaks any laws will be immediately excluded from the event and conduct notified to the relevant authorities in the tournamentā€™s country and the refereeā€™s home country. In the more serious cases, Referee Abroad reserves the rights to seek compensation for damages to its image. 

6. Permission to Participate

Referee Abroad assumes that every applicant is authorised to take part at the tournament/s, such authorisation deriving from their home football association. It is the responsibility of each participant to seek such authorisation. Referee Abroad also assumes that each participant’s child protection certificate is valid and up-to-date, where applicable. It is the responsibility of each participant to make sure the above points are carried out to completion and Referee Abroad holds no responsibility. Should Referee Abroad come to learn that any participation has not completed one or both of these conditions, where applicable, it reserves the right to exclude the participant from its event/s even without prior notice. 

7. Arrivals & Departures

Arrival and departure dates are listed on the each single tournament page. They shall be respected by each participant. Should a referee book travel outside of the dates without having been granted prior permission to do, Referee Abroad will not accept any resulting financial liability, nor will provide accommodation/board/assistance during those dates. 

Referees should submit their travel details via this form at least 28 days before arrival day.

8. Minors

Participants who are minors, as defined by local laws, need to be accompanied by a parent, guardian or responsible adult. Referee Abroad will not accept any responsibility over the minor during the event/s. Should the minor not have an accompanying person before the tournament starts, their participation is subject to cancellation, even at short notice. Referee Abroad will not accept any liability resulting from this action. In specific cases, a waiver signed by the parents/guardians may suffice. Minors will need to ensure this form is filled in and signed by parents/guardians, and returned to us via email.

9. Insurance

Referee Abroad does not provide any insurance covering participants at its events. Should a participant be a EU citizen, they should carry their European Health Insurance card when travelling to a tournament in Europe. Referee Abroad provides this information solely as a recommendation, and plays no role in the emission, use or coverage for such card. For participants who are not EU citizens or tournaments outside of the European Union, Referee Abroad recommends that each participant takes out appropriate travel and health insurance. Referee Abroad will not accept any liability resulting from injuries, accidents, health issues or other problems or happenings of any kind. Tournaments may carry their own civil insurance, please refer to each tournament organization and/or website for further details. Referee Abroad may also be able to offer to its members subsidized insurance, contact us to explore the various options available. 

10. Visas and Travel Authorisation

Some countries may require all or some participants to be in possession of an appropriate visa and/or travel authorisation in order to visit. It is the responsibility of each participant to make sure their travel documents are valid for travel. Referee Abroad will not accept any responsibility resulting from failure to do so, and cannot provide any visa or consular support.

11. Use of personal data

Referee Abroad will make use of personal data in accordance with the most recent norms (GDPR and EU regulations). Please refer to our “Privacy” page for further details. 

13. Tournament-specific T&Cs

Some tournaments may have additional specific T&Cs. In such cases, these will be sent to the referees upon confirmation for them to read and accept. 

14. Refund policy

Referee Abroad allows all applicants to cancel their application within seven (7) days, entitling them to a full cash refund, returned to their original form of payment.

Beyond that, the following terms apply:

  • Cancellations up until 28 days before the tournament start date (‘arrival day’ as mentioned on each tournament page) will be eligible for a Referee Abroad voucher for the full value of the tournament, valid for 12 months from the date the applicant cancels their participation
  • Cancellations made with 28 days or less notice will not be eligible for any sort of refund
  • In case of any mitigating or exceptional circumstances, please reach out to us via our Contact Us form

*The above information is indicative and subject to change with no advanced notice. Please check with staff in case of any queries.