In the world of football, technology is playing an increasingly important role in ensuring fair and accurate decisions. And at Referee Abroad tournaments, our referees will soon be able to use Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology to assist in crucial decision-making thanks to a collaboration with AT4S and Spintso.

VAR is a system that utilises video cameras and replay technology to review and analyse controversial incidents during a match. Referees can access replays from different angles and make more informed decisions on situations such as goals, penalties, red cards, and offsides.

The implementation of VAR at our tournaments is a significant breakthrough and Referee Abroad is the only organisation worldwide to offer such technology at tournaments.

Referee Abroad is a proud pioneer in the implementation of VAR in youth football and at some of the most elite tournaments in Europe and beyond. We are committed to promoting referee development, and with the rapid expansion of VAR, this is an important step in the right direction.

Referee Abroad is extremely excited to start using this innovative technology to ensure fair and thrilling gameplay in our tournaments, starting with the Porto International Cup this Easter and followed by more tournaments over the summer.

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